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Before signing up please take a moment to read through the program guidelines. If you have any questions please call us at 262-790-9622. We would be more than happy to help.

When signing up if you aren't ready to fill out all of the information you can right TBD (To be decided) in the field you aren't ready to submit and we will contact you later.

Program Guidelines

Free Delivery: As long as you meet the minimum order, we will deliver for free any where in the state of Wisconsin.

Minimum Order: Salamone Supplies has a minimum purchase order of $2000.

Delivery Location: The location must be able to accommodate a 53 foot truck (bus loops are fine). Salamone Supplies will work with your organization to select a mutually agreeable date around 3 weeks after the submission of the product order.

Sales and Use Tax: In most cases, fundraising activitivities are exempt from sales tax. If the organization can not provide Salamone Supplies with acceptable documentation as to why their purchase order should be tax exempt, the organization will be charged sales tax according to Wisconsin's state law.

Ordering Process:

When you are ready to place your order we will provide you with a form that you can use to total your orders.

Ready to Begin Fundraising?

Answer and submit the questions you can answer, if you leave some blank thats fine! We will be willing to answer questions and help you through your fundraising process.

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Number of Order Forms Needed

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Anticipated Fundraising Start Date:

Anticipated Delivery Date (at least 3 weeks after your order date. We will work with you to choose a date after we start processing your order):

Delivery Information

Location: Please include name and description of your organization, and let us know if you have a loading lock, fork lift, etc. (fork lifts and loading docks are not required). Any location that can accomodate a 53 foot truck is fine. If you have any other special requirements please let us know here.

Sales Tax